Below are a selection of questions from the Credit Union Schools Quiz 2018.

Test your brain power and see how you would fair in this iconic test of knowledge!


  1. How many provinces are there in the island of Ireland?

  2. The waters of which ocean become known as El Nina when they cool?

  3. Name the team that knocked the Republic of Ireland out of the World Cup Playoffs in November 2017.

  4. In what country will the 2019 Rugby World Cup be held?

  5. Which Irish actress won a Golden Globe recently for her role in the film Lady Bird?

  6. What is the capital of the American state of Massachusetts?

  7. Ireland failed in their bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. What country won the bid?

  8. RAIN is an anagram of which Middle Eastern country?

  9. Bad Dad is a book by which popular children’s author?

  10. Which Irish UFC star is known as The Notorious?

  11. Which county’s Gaelic football team lifted the Sam Maguire cup in 2017?

  12. Which American sportswear brand is known by the letters NB?

  13. Who succeeded George W. Bush as President of the United States in 2009?

  14. Which Italian city is situated on the confluence of the Rivers Po and Piave?

  15. In the internet address format URL, what does the R stand for?

  16. What does the D stand for in DAB Radio?

  17. What is the capital of Cuba?

  18. How many quarters in 2 US dollars?

  19. What J is the name of a lively dance performed to swing or rock and roll that has had a revival all across Ireland in recent years?

  20. Dory the forgetful fish is voiced by which talk-show host?



1.       4  (Ulster, Leinster, Munster & Connacht)
2.       Pacific Ocean
3.       Denmark
4.       Japan
5.       Saoirse Ronan
6.       Boston
7.       France
8.       Iran
9.       David Walliams
10.     Conor McGregor
11.      Dublin
12.      New Balance
13.      Barack Obama
14.      Venice
15.      Resource
16.      Digital (Digital Audio Broadcasting)
17.      Havana
18.      8
19.      Jive/Jiving
20.      Ellen DeGeneres