SavingsRegular saving is a good idea. By putting a little aside on a regular basis you not only have something to look forward to, you also have something to fall back on should the need arise.

Regular saving is highly recommended by Mulcair Credit Union. You’re not just another customer but a valued member whose savings are secured and protected. Also if a member intends to borrow in the future their savings history will be taken into account.

By saving regularly you are not only helping yourself but you are also helping your community as your savings provide a loan fund for other members.

Benefits of having a Credit Union Savings Account

  • There are no transaction charges or fees.
  • Easy access to your savings if you wish to make a withdrawal. (Once it is not pledged as security on a loan)
  • Member’s savings are insured at no direct cost to any eligible member through Mulcair Credit Union’s Life Savings Insurance Scheme. Free life cover on saving up to €3,000 (subject to terms and conditions).
Remember regular saving is your first step towards financial independence.


Start saving today with just €5 euro.

Can I have easy access to my savings?

You can withdraw your savings at any time provided they are not pledged as security on a loan. However, you are encouraged to keep your savings intact, so that:

  • They continue to benefit from the Life Savings Insurance protection.
  • Your credit worthiness and capacity to borrow is maintained.


It is important that all members and possible future members over 16 are aware that on joining Mulcair Credit Union you are entitled to nominate one or more persons to whom your savings of up to €23,000 will be transferred upon your death.

This is of benefit if the member dies without leaving a will as the property left in the credit union will not have to pass through the sometimes timely intestacy process.

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