Mulcair Credit Union exists for the benefits of its members. It is staffed by members for members. We rely a great deal on the services of our valued volunteers who commit tirelessly to the success and sustainability of our credit union.

An individual can develop professionally by volunteering where you will receive experience which may not be available elsewhere.

Benefits of Volunteering

The credit union movement is founded on principles of cooperation, equality and mutual self help and the efforts of thousands of volunteers who freely give their time and skills to their credit union. Our Credit Union relies considerably on the enthusiasm, commitment and integrity of its volunteers.

An individual can develop both personally and professionally by volunteering. The benefits of credit union volunteering include:-

  • Gaining skills and experience in a senior role of a professional financial service provider
  • Availing of education and training, both hands-on and via seminars
  • Working on interesting and worthwhile developmental and business projects
Members not currently interested in being considered for the Board of Directors or Board Oversight Committee may benefit from volunteering at committee level instead.

Credit Union committees offer an excellent starting point for new volunteers. These committees provide experience, learning and an active role within the Credit Union. Please contact our office for further information.

Candidate Process

Members will recall that nominations are no longer permissible from the floor at an AGM due to legislative requirements. All candidates for the Board and Board Oversight Committee must conform to a fitness and probity standard. To ensure that applicants meet the required standard, applicants will be required to attend a meeting with the Nomination Committee as part of the due diligence process undertaken in order to comply with regulations.

In applying this fitness and probity regime to credit unions, the Central Bank’s aim is to improve governance standards at Board and Management level within the credit union sector by ensuring that individuals who exercise significant influence and control in a credit union are capable, competent, honest, ethical and can act with integrity and financially sound. Individuals being put forward for election by the Nomination Committee must have appropriate skills, experience, knowledge and integrity to manage and govern the credit union for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

Having regard for these requirements and in preparation for the forthcoming AGM, the Nomination Committee invites all members who have an interest in putting their names forward for election to the Board of Directors or Board Oversight Committee to notify, in writing, the Chairperson of the Nomination Committee of their interest in one or both of these roles.

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